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About Me

Hey readers! I am Saumya, the author of this blog. I have a penchant for trying my hand at a lot of new things. In fact, throughout my life, I have tried my hand at things unimaginably diverse in nature, right from blogging to amateur photography,  painting, wedding planning, travelling, learning Reiki and being a spiritual healer, counselling and cooking. A total of six languages is known to me which includes Hindi, English, Urdu, French, Sanskrit and Gujarati. Besides being the author of this blog, I am a certified reiki master & healer. I am passionate about helping people in maintaining medical & physical health in all possible way. I teach reiki and also offer holistic treatment to people affected by various health issues like physical ailments, stress, depression and various other aspects. provide treatment for any physical, mental, emotional and spritual problem. An admirer of the aesthetic aspects of life, I have keen interest in Ghazals and poetry. During my free time, I like to pursue my hobbies which include cooking (primarily), reading, travelling, painting and learning new skills.

Full of peaks and valleys, akin to a true roller coaster ride, my life story, I believe, would make for an interesting read:-

What life throws at you matters not as much as what you choose to make out of it does” – this is perhaps the most apt quote describing my entire life-saga.

Born in Ayodhya (then Faizabad) and brought up in Ayodhya, Lucknow and Mumbai (see the diversity in the places of my upbringing!), right from my childhood days, I had keen interest in a diverse variety of things in life. This ‘not so unusual’ trait caught hold of me and as I grew up, I yearned to try my hand at a lot of things. This yearning, later in my life, lead me to pursue Master’s degrees in Urdu Literature, Event Management and even Reiki. Strangely, however, all those post-graduate degrees failed to quench my thirst for creativity, which made me pursue Event Management, for which I moved to Mumbai. Having completed the Event Management course, I successfully planned and organized a variety of events such as destination weddings, award shows and even TV shows. In 2016, I founded a wedding planning start-up venture and since then I have been into wedding planning.

Life seemed to be on the right track and progressing smoothly when the unthinkable happened. The year 2017 brought with itself some really testing moments for me as I met with an accident, falling off the staircase of my house. Consequently, I had to undergo not one, but two leg surgeries consecutively. This left me in excruciating pain, both physically as well as on the mental plane, to the extent that I was not even able to stand on my own feet. Devastated, I had two options at hand. First, to accept my fate and wait for full recovery of my legs (which could have taken months, or even years together). The second option was to stare life back in the eye and vow to go beyond. Though quite challenging, I chose the latter; stared life right in the eye, vowed to go beyond and resolutely decided to do what it takes.

Jolly and joyous by nature, I remembered the hilarious saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade out of them”. Immediately, I decided to act exactly as per this saying and that’s when my mother’s words strongly resonated in my heart and mind. Actually, my mother had been asking me for long to author a book of recipes. Occupied with a lot of things in life, I had paid little heed to my mother’s words, but now, a keen desire to start writing kindled inside my heart. Knowing little about the fine art of writing, I started idealizing my father (who happens to be a renowned writer himself) and decided to start my blog.

Completely new to blogging, I had zilch idea of how things worked in the field of blogging, but my instinctive characteristic of always trying my hand at new things, assured me that I would learn and eventually be a success in the field of blogging. Giving it a start by reading, learning and experimenting, I kick-started my journey into realm of blogging. From a handful of people, who initially started visiting my blog, the number started gradually increasing. Receiving immense support from my family and friends (not to mention all the visitors to my blog), I drew motivation from their encouraging words. Loads of love came my way from the community of regular visitors to my blog.

Applauses and appreciations started pouring in and pretty soon; sooner than I had expected or imagined. In September 2018, I was declared the ‘PFF Rising Star’ by Pune Food Freak. Elated, I vowed not to stop and that is how I repeated the feat once again as I was declared the ‘Shining Star’ for the month of January 2019 at the very same Pune Food Freak.

Having tasted the fruits of the unprecedented success of my food blog, I am now keen to take my blog to the next level by incorporating three new sections in my blog namely Interviews, Lifestyle and Weddings. If any of those subjects interests you, do follow my blog by visiting its homepage. If you admire my courage in life and think that I could be a source of motivation for some, feel free to follow me on Instagram by visiting this link