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Have something really inspiring to talk about ? Tell us about a touching, inspiring or life changing experience in your life. Your story must be true ( No fiction please ).

Wedding Planning – We at Happily Ever After work closely with you & your family to develop a wedding that is especially yours, reflecting your personality & individual taste. Leave your wedding plans with us & we will ensure that we will be a memorable experience whether you wish for a small intimate affair, a royal production or an exotic  destination wedding. Being a professional we can arrange the whole thing or just an element of it with our flexible services. We take on the full responsibility of planning, styling & designing your special day. We ensure your wedding unfolds like the way you have imagined.

Reiki Healing – I am a certified Reiki Master & healer. I teach reiki and also offer holistic treatment to people affected by various health issues like physical ailments, stress, depression and various other aspects. provide treatment for any physical, mental, emotional, relationship and financial problem.

Urdu Script Workshop – I am Master degree holder in Urdu literature. I regularly conduct workshop where you can learn to read & write in Urdu.

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