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Ms. Rupali is a Legal Associate having more than three (3) years of experience in corporate law and corporate commercial litigation working with a Delhi based law firm. She is the first lawyer in her family. In legal industry nepotism is very common however, if you work smartly and put in lot of efforts then it is not that difficult to secure job says Rupali.

Being a part of the Corporate team, she has been routinely engaged in advising international clients on various the legal aspects of doing business in India. Her work pertains to advising domestic and international clients across a broad spectrum of corporate work including acquisitions, joint ventures (domestic as well as cross border), corporate due diligence’s and corporate commercial contracts. In our conversation she discussed various aspects of law in career.

1- What is corporate law?

A corporate law is a versatile section which includes in depth understanding of various subjects from Companies Act, 2013, to employment laws to contract act. Any law which would help managing business decisions under legal arena would fall under the purview of corporate law.

2- What does corporate lawyer do?

A corporate lawyer has a broad spectrum of activities which includes ensuring that the company doesn’t violate any legal compliance’s to handling clients such as MN Cs with regard to any  legal charges against them with respect to business activities of the company. Further, Corporate lawyers are also responsible for handling mergers of two companies or acquisition of any company and conducting due diligence to find out whether such business decisions are required to be taken.

Corporate law also includes handling MN Cs tax issues, employee relations, employee contracts and employment laws. Therefore, a corporate lawyer not only ensures legal compliance’s but also saves the company from the legal trouble.

3- What sparked your interest in law ?

Before completing high school, I had no idea what careers appealed to me. Initially, I searched for a calling and that’s when I learned that I have a set of skills and passions that make a career in law the right choice for me.

I learned that I enjoy the rigorous thinking and finding solutions out of the box. Similarly, law is challenging, but knowledge and understanding of the law subjects can be a valuable tool. As a lawyer, I am offered different problem each time and finding solutions for them makes it extremely satisfying. Each day brings new set of challenge and no day is similar. The work experience that I have gained over the more than 3 years  of working in the legal industry makes it clear to me that law was the right choice.

4- Scope of corporate law in India ?

Corporate law is a powerful option with all the qualities to make it an outstanding career option as the scope of corporate law is extremely wide from providing advisory on employment issue to actually being involved in acquisition of a company the scope is too wide especially in India. Corporate lawyers are needed at every stage.


5- How to become corporate lawyer?

By pursuing LL. B course, most of the universities also provide for specialized courses on corporate law as elective subjects, so you can opt for such elective subjects during you’re your LLB work. Also, students can choose to intern at corporate law firms from the very inception to understand the subject matter better and gain experience.


6- What are the best law colleges in India ?

The best law colleges are National law schools in India, however, some of the private universities also provide for great learning opportunity such Symbiosis University.




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