How are you spending quarantine days

out_1586201162850Hello Readers !
We have just entered the third week of Quarantine and i hope everyone found ways to live quarantine life.
Quarantine is hard.
Isolation is hard.
Boredom is hard.
Resting/ just sitting, when you’re used to doing is hard.
Life is hard but
We can do hard things.
“Social distance” Two words that have brought about seismic change to the daily lives of millions around the world.
In this new world where everyone is bound to home how all are spending their time ? I am curious to know what are you all doing to stay busy !

The period of lockdown should be utilized in an excellent manner to achieve a small change for the betterment of our future.

Kindly share your story about WORK FOR HOME. Whether you are teaching your little ones the simple household chores or you are doing the things which were long pending or any hobby that can give you immense joy or the  men who are helping at home with cooking during the period of crisis.

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  • Rajesh kumar Srivastava

    Very informative and useful! Thanks for sharing.

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