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Rituraj Khanna, CEO of Q Events Pvt. Ltd. is also known as the KING OF INDIAN WEDDING INDUSTRY. He excels in transforming fairy tales into real wedding stories. Honored with the Global Icon of the Year Award he is the man behind many breathtakingly weddings. He turned into one of the best Wedding planner after several years of professionalism in the field of event managing. This India’s ace wedding planner is turning the dreams of every couple into a reality. His designs are a blend of modernity and sensibility.From planning the entire wedding to designing, Rituraj Khanna creates magic with his fearless aura and perfection! A humble, blissful and dedicated human kind who is an inspiration to many across the industry. He inspired many by his various achievements but also by his attitude & values. In an exclusive conversation with Rituraj Khanna  shared his experience about how the young folks can start their career in event planning.

1 – What would you suggest to young generations who want to join event industry ?

One needs to have a passion to enjoy this field- money anyone can make in this business but what I feel is this should be taken up if you feel your emotional quotient is higher than the other people- our business is all about sentiments- we need to win the greats if our clients- and it’s a difficult job- this I am talking particularly who are entering the wedding field- competition has become a part of business for everyone in the events industry but if you think you can cope up with all this and the kind of stress we have to face then don’t think twice- just become a part of this lovely world.

2 – What should be their preparations in academic stage ?

There are colleges mushrooming up in all cities now- this is one option- then if you are lucky to get a job in a good production house that is the best learning -one can’t teach events, you just learn with time – you have to have a keen eye for detailing- a string nervous system to handle stress- there is no preparation at any stage- the more you work upon yourself the better it’s going to be with you- just allow yourself to absorb everything from anyone and everyone you come across- it’s way too vast a field to say- I have done my course of events and am ready to start my life- it’s a never ending learning in this field- no science required- just be a good listener and observe everything – right from what a labor is doing- what your professor has to say and what the world has to offer you.


3 – Is there any scope in tier 2 cities ?

2 tier cities u feel have more to offer- I travel 10 Months a year and these 2 tier cities have become more happening- but one has to study them – what kind if events can happen- the scale-we have good hotels to work in everywhere now- colleges who hold festivals very often- govt events- I feel there is more business in these towns.

4- How to get first client as an event planner ?

Marketing skills but according to me – your first client always comes thru your friends or family and then once you have done your first events- you are good to go then.


5- What are the traits of a wedding planner ?

Be truthful to your clients

Plan and re plan

Good relations

Slow and steady wins the race, don’t put your hands in everything

Vendor management should be A class

Make sure you handle your team with love and respect

And always keep in mind- the client is always right- never argue with a guest.

6- Our readers would like to know ‘How the king of Indian event industry’ is spending his time during Lock down ?

I think I am one of the few persons who hasn’t watched a single movie or web series in all these days if sitting at home- my fraternity keeps me busy- the young ones have so many questions to ask- they feel insecure- then all the insta luv sessions- zoom calls and sessions- we had 2 day virtual conferences with 2000 people viewing at the same time- and the rest if the time I am loving spending my time with my family which is a rare thing for me- and eat whatever comes my way- have loads if video calls – it’s a totally new world and experience for all of us- shouldn’t be saying this- but I am enjoying every bit of it- but now I am missing my desk and office and my people.

Stay safe- stay indoors

With love

Rituraj Khanna


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