Some positive impacts from Corona virus

geulgram_share0822 (1) Humans are social animals, so it’s easier to lose one’s mind while sitting at home and away from the entire world but during these hours of global crisis these people found ways to keep themselves entertained. In my last post i asked my readers how they have been spending their time. Here are some of the responses i have received.  These men have shared their wonderful experience of cooking, cleaning at home also they are setting an outstanding example for not being ashamed of doing household work but proud to say this in front of the whole world.  On the other hand this girl using her quarantine time so positively by pursuing her hobby. Read experiences in their own words. Abid Patel – I enjoy any situation and look at only the positive side. Most of my time was spend in reading and renewing long forgotten contacts. I also did watch a lot of Youtube and helping in cleaning the home and washed my own dishes to reduce the load on the women folk at home.  I have cooked couple of things like Uppit, Sheera, Poha, Chapati, Rice, daal, Chicken masala. I also was interacting on whatsapp groups of our society where i saw lots of negative messages related to religion and corona so i was responding in positive way. IMG-20200407-WA0006IMG-20200407-WA0008 Sonakshi – I thought to use this extra time as a gift to be proactive. So during lockdown I made these earrings. So guys do what you love to do because this is the time when we literally need to be stay positive and spend time with your family. IMG-20200408-WA0003IMG-20200408-WA0000 Rakesh  – It’s a blessing in disguise for us. The lockdown is creating new opportunity to connect with family, to learn new skills. This deadly virus having a great impact. My wife was telling me to do yoga & meditation from a long time and finally I started. I never go to kitchen but now I can cook poha, palak paneer, kadhi pakoda, aalu paratha, tea & coffee. Since no maid and I am at home so I learnt jhadu pochha also. This is a drastic change in me. To use this time wisely and to brush up my skills I am learning digital marketing these days. IMG_20200409_111107IMG_20200325_133944 Rishabh – Work for home is not something new for me. I am helping my family in the kitchen, dishes, clothes and home cleaning. I like cooking so during lockdown I am giving more attention towards my hobby and everyday I cook something new. It’s difficult time for all of us so please stay home and stay positive. Give more time to your family and your passion. Use this time to learn something new. IMG-20200408-WA0006IMG-20200408-WA0007


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