What if your pet could really talk to you ?

There is no dispute that humans can communicate with animals. Telling your dog to “sit” is a form of communication. If you are a parent to a dog or a cat i am sure sometimes you wish you could read your pet’s mind and to understand their behaviors, thoughts and feelings. If you wish to know more about your pet and looking for a really good, qualified professional animal communicator, you can fix up a consultation with Ashu where you can ask animal specific questions or even just have a general conversation with them.

About Ashu:

Ashu is a doggy mom and an ardent animal lover. She is an HR professional and an Angel card reader.She is a voracious reader and loves penning and sharing her thoughts. Ashu calls herself a student of life and believes in learning lessons from the experiences that life offers. Rumi’s quote – The wound is the place where the light enters you strikes a chord with her and appeals to her spiritual side.
Her late grandmother once said :Kindliness is a virtue
Which above all virtues towers,
For men and beasts alike,Submit to its powers.
Ashu tries to lead her life keeping this valuable lesson in mind. Her aim is to spread love and light and help people reach their highest potential!

To know more about the animal communicator and how it works read the article where she shared her journey and experiences.

What is Animal Communication?

Animal communication is the skill to communicate with animals. This happens through the energetic transference of information ie through Telepathy. ‘Telepathy’ if we break it down is made of two parts ie Tele – like a telephone over a distance and empathy – the ability to feel how someone else is feeling emotionally and energetically. Animal communication thus helps one sense the animal’s energy and feelings over a distance.

Who is an animal communicator?

Animal communicators are trained to tune in and connect energetically to the animal. This means we can sense their thoughts and feelings and converse with them. Animals may give us visuals, words, feelings or intuitive nudges to express themselves. Each animal communicator is different and will use his/her own innate ability to communicate.

When did you discover that you could talk to animals?

My pet dog Maple has been instrumental in me discovering the field of Animal communication. Back in 2016, Maple had some behavioral issues and we as a family were not able to understand the reason for the same. Our research led us to an article in the newspaper about animal communication. I was intrigued and decided to give it a shot. The communication with Maple that the communicator shared was overwhelming! The information she sent was extremely personal and there was no way she could have known it. I was blown away and decided to approach her. I took up formal training in the field after which I started doing consultations professionally.

How do you learn to communicate with Animals?

I took up my formal training from Earthwise, Pune under the mentor ship of Manjiri Latey. She is the reason I am doing what I am doing today!

When I enrolled for the workshop, I wasn’t aware what’s in store. However the biggest lesson was that we are all innately telepathic. All we need to do is practice it well and hone the skill. Once I completed the training, I approached a lot of people who had pets so that I could practice. Initially one may be shaky, but with time and determination you realize how it all flows naturally. It opened new doors and life has changed forever.

What is the strangest thing a pet has told you?

It’s just marvelous how much love and concern the animals have for their parents. Animals will sometimes give the best advice for the betterment of their family’s life. A tiny black dog once gave me visuals where he was wearing glares and dancing. I was surprised. When I inquired with the parent, I realized that her dog absolutely loved music and would watch her dance. She even shared pics where he was wearing glares.

Animals are sentient, intelligent, thinking and feeling beings and they continue to fascinate me.

When to use the service of animal communicator?

Anytime you would want to connect with your animal actually! Generally people approach me when the pet has a behavioral issue, may be a health issue or even when the animal is lost.

What type of consultation do you offer? Online or offline

I offer my services via whats app or email. I have a Facebook page through which clients can reach out to me – https://www.facebook.com/telepathicanimalcommunicatorashu

All we need is a recent photograph of the animal and his/her name.


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