Cheese Cherry Pineapple Sticks

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The Cheese Cherry Pineapple was introduced to me by one of my best friend when i moved to Pune from Mumbai. This easy starter recipe require only 3 ingredients and you can make it in few minutes.  The Cheesy, Sweet and Sour flavour makes it so different and delightful. This is a quickest and no cooking dish so you can involve your kids too, it will be a fun learning activity for them. So without any more ado lets get started.

Ingredients :


Cheese Cubes



Some ice cubes

How to make : Cut the pineapple into a bite size. Cut cheese cube in 4 pieces. Remove the seeds from the cherries. Now take a toothpick and arrange pineapple, cheese cube and cherries as per your desired order. Make all the sticks in same way. Now in a serving bowl put ice cubes and arrange the sticks. your quick starter is ready !

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