Papaya smoothie

img_20181121_105203_841Papaya is low in calories & rich in fiber, anti oxidant & vitamin C.  Bananas contain a fair amount of fiber as well as several anti oxidant. Bananas are good dietry source of potassium & magnasium that are essential for heart health. Since bananas blend so well with other flavours so you can make a healthy recipe filled with protein & fiber. Today i am sharing an easy recipe of papaya & banana smoothie which is easy to make & taste absolutly delicious, perfect for busy morning.

Ingredients :

1 cup papaya peeled & chopped

1 banana

1 table spoon honey

2 cup toned milk

1/4 spoon turmeric

1 spoon lemon juice

Recipe : Add all the ingredients in a grinder. Blend untill smooth.

Pour in a glass & serve.


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