Digital Detox

out_1581745779216If you spend the majority of your waking hours checking messages, answering emails, receiving calls, and checking social media sites then you might have a problem. Being continuously at your phone has become the reality for the majority of us now and even if it has become the norm it doesn’t mean that it’s good for us. In this blog, we are going to introduce you to the concept of digital detox. What is a Digital Detox? Digital detox in layman terms means to voluntarily stay away from digital devices for a given period. Some of these devices may be smartphones, tablets, televisions, and computers. This is a new practice that is increasingly gaining popularity. As the use of digital devices is increasing so is the realization of their negative impact on mental and physical health. Digital detox is mainly done to cut our constant connectivity with the world. It gives people the chance to relax and allows them to stay away from the stress brought on by the modern-day technology Why the digital detox is the need of the hour? The most common reason for a digital detox is people are no longer able to take their mind off of work, thanks to their constantly buzzing phone. Besides this, there is the obvious addiction angle where people constantly check out their social media handles to see who is doing what. The constant connectivity is adding on to the already existing stress and this is raining havoc in people’s lives. Some popular reasons why people opt for a digital detox:
  • To reduce anxiety and stress
  • To avoid developing internet addiction
  • To focus more on social connections in real life
  • To improve focus by cutting down distractions and multitasking
  • To feel connected to nature
The negative impact of tech on our health The overuse of technology negatively impacts us on three levels
  • Physiological
  • Psychological
  • And in relationships
Extended screen time results in numerous negative impacts on us. The most pronounced one being a reduced sleep quality and an increased strain on the eyes. Mobile phones are the no. 1 culprit for these. Extended use of mobiles keeps us distracted for long and hampers our sleep cycle with abnormal production of the melatonin hormone. Now, let’s come down to the psychological adverse effects of tech overuse. Studies have found that increased use of screen time increases the risk of developing ADHD, tech addiction, and behavioral disorders. Digital devices not only increase one’s stress but their prolonged use causes anxiety, depression, and impulsive behaviors. When it comes to relationships, extended use of technology has been seen to prevent the deepening of relationships. When people choose their phones over their partners, it lowers their satisfaction with married life and with life in general.   How to do a digital detox? A digital detox doesn’t come with predefined rigid rules. You can create your own rules to reduce screen time. However, remember that the idea here is to use technology for your benefit and prevent it from harming your wellbeing. Based on your needs, you can follow different types of a digital detox: Complete digital detox It’s exactly as it sounds. In this type of detox, you completely stop the use of any digital device. Use devices only when needed If you have to use your mobile and laptop for work then use them only during office hours. Switch them off after work hours. One day digital abstinence Here, you can choose which days of the week you wish to completely shut off your devices. Specific detox Another form of digital detox involves avoiding the use of one particular app, social media, website or tool. How to be more successful at a digital detox We understand that undergoing digital detox is not going to be easy for you, the first time. That is why we recommend the following tips: Inform your friends and family that you are undergoing digital detox. They will support you in this endeavor. Second, you can keep yourself busy to avoid the urge to use digital devices. Another great method for success is deleting the apps that fuel your addiction. Lastly, you can go out with friends to keep your mind off of the phone or laptop.   The benefits of digital detox There are various benefits of digital detox. First, it cuts down a lot of stress and anxiety that comes as a result of constantly being on your phone. Second, it improves your focus and lets you concentrate on the task at hand. Third, it helps you forge genuine relationships with real people. Third, it brings your mind back to the real world.


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