A long friendship, turning into love and finally ending with the promise of everlasting romance. Nilu and Aman’s wedding was nothing short of an epic saga ! And there were so many elements about this wedding that showcased how similar and perfect for each other the bride and groom were. We have all grown up on some fairy tale or the other and always dreamed of finding our perfect soulmate. Well, when you do find one – this is what looks like. nilu


Aman is the most patient person you will find on this planet. He does not have many friends but the ones he has are for lifetime. His decisions are taken after pondering over million possibilities and taking an opinion of the family. He chooses people around him with utmost scrutiny and then hangs onto the ones who are genuine. He is not a people person but he is the life of the party when he is around his kith and kin. He does not look like a nerd or a genius but he has automated his bedroom in the most unique way possible. He knows how to make people laugh and only views the positive in any adverse situation. Kind, reserved, a person who cannot hurt you, hates coffee, loves hot chocolate, hates early mornings, loves late night drives, hogs on sweets, has the biggest itunes song library, dresses up even if he has to run down in the lift to buy a pack of milk and always smells nice. Whereas our bride Nilu is the most impatient person around you. She cannot wait for any surprise and so her surprise parties should be planned with her. She is academically prodigy, vivacious personality, merit student in her Mtech from NMIMS, classical trained in Bharatnatyam, represented India in Portugal for her painting, smooth master skater, loves the smell of books, very decisive, hates kindle, loves French press black coffee, hates being without footwear even at home, has practically watched 50% of all Hollywood sitcoms and series, loves food, hates Indian sweets, possessive about her dear ones and the only child to her very content parents.


Oh, and how these two met you say !!?? 13th July 2013. A boy from Ahmedabad and a girl from Baroda left for Mumbai in Lokshakti express and Avantika express respectively. Both for securing admission in a prestigious masters university where they were already selected based on their merit and had to pay the admission fees to secure their seat. Little did they know that God has other plans. Due to heavy rainfall, the train was stranded in the outskirts of Gujarat for hours without knowing what would happen to their post graduate degree plans. Both juggled the same idea of taking pictures of their marksheets in mobile phone and sending them to their relative who would instead reach the college and take the admission on their behalf. With the boy’s luck, his relative worked in bank and so a DD of the amount of fees was made instantly and his admission was sealed with him sitting in the train. The girl’s admission was a bit tricky & she always had to fight for what she deserved. She reached the college at 5:55PM with her mother and the admissions closed at 6 PM. The next 2 minutes went in her realising that she lost the chance to study in NMIMS. The 3rd minute was spent in crying and persuading the panel to consider her case since the rainfall news was all over the channels, she had sent them 5 mails with all the information & documents. The admission committee behaved non-chalant and ignored. The 4th minute was spent sinking in a chair looking at her mother and realising that she was raised to be a fighter and in the 5th minute she said “I will raise a court case against university since you have the mails, news channels and my merit number is 8, so every student who got admission after merit number  will be cancelled.” Pin drop silence and a quiet hush phone call later she was informed that there was a new ‘STAFF seat’ given to her and that’s how she got the admission at 6PM in NMIMS and she hated the boy who did not even have to show his face to the college. The next 2 years went from hating him to liking him and eventually falling in love with him. Since both were gujaratis and were typical foodies, they bonded over cuisines, exploring mumbai. IIT fests, talking about their dad’s and business, mom’s and their delicacies, gujarati dramas starring Siddharth Randeria, studying for placements together, finding homes with roommates every year, playing pranks, sharing knowledge about gizmos and companies that were recrutting. They were strong pillars for each other in a city where they were alone and away from families. But it was not head over heels kind of love. It was a sane, well thought decision after they got recruited in the same company and later when they thought that they were earning enough to maintain a healthy lifestyle in a city like Mumbai. Since they were best friends they could talk about every insecurity and share every dream with eachother which made them realise that maybe marriage is not a bad decision after all. The gujrati wedding of Nilu & Aman had everything starting from sangeet, mehndi, garba night, haldi, ganesh pooja, wedding and finally the reception. Everything showcased the quintessence of love that these two beautiful souls shared.








  And they asked the pandit after the actual pheras if they could take their own vows and read them out from Aman’s mobile in the mandap.
  1. We will never leave each other until the last breath
  2. We may fight but will make sure we cuddle before we sleep at night
  3. We shall take a stand for each other in challenging times and compliment each other regularly
  4. We will make sure we will be the strongest support system to each other in any kind of difficult crisis/situation.nilu12




nilu15   “IF THE GUY CAN MAKE YOU LAUGH WHILE GETTING MARRIED, THAN YOU MADE THE CORRECT DECISION.” I never wanted a fairytale big indian wedding but nonetheless I had. I had it because of three reasons. Firstly, Aman believes in ‘celebrating every moment’. He still makes sure to surprise me with sweet love notes all over the home and brings cupcakes to celebrate even our salaries that gets credited every month (yes, the smallest of joys). Secondly, we wrote our own vows. Lastly, Aman promised to play the song that is closest to my heart during the pheras. So, all the small moments of me dancing with my would-be family or hugging my own father and crying in front of 300 people, or the speeches given by my nani, mom and best friends are all because there was enough patience, love and positive mindset to make the 4 day wedding celebration be precious. OH, and now when I see the videos and pictures I am more happy than Aman that we indeed had a good wedding and made a zillion memories. PS. To all the girls out there – Marry your best friend. It will be the best decision of your life!  

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